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The S’s and the F’s

The S’s and the F’s

Posted on April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hierna volgt een uittreksel uit de correspondentie met een gast die op 21 April bij ons aankomt. Om de privacy van de gast te respecteren heb ik de namen onherkenbaar veranderd. Je zal merken dat D. ongerust is. D’s vrouw en familieleden zijn ongerust om precies te zijn. Ze stellen zich vragen over de veiligheid op Bali.  Terrorisme, vulkanen en aardbevingen, daar zijn ze vooral bang voor. Wanneer ik dan deze morgen wakker werd en het B.B.C nieuws hoorde met betrekking tot de schietpartij in Alphen aan den Rijn, vroeg ik me toch even af waar je nog veilig bent.
En of je daar überhaupt mee bezig moet zijn.


Hello Dirk,

Thanks for your help. The S’s and F’s will be arriving in Ubud Bali On April 21 for 6 nights with you. We are all excited about coming to Bali and staying with you. We are coming from Muscat Oman and will be arriving on Qatar #638 at 19:05 at Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai. Is it possible to have someone waiting at the arrival hall to meet us and transport us to your Villa? 4 adults with luggage!

I have already booked one day at Paon cooking school for all of us. Do I need to book other Rafting  and Cycling tours before we come or can we do it while we are there? What do you think?

Light summer clothes i assume are what is called for.

I see that a driver is arranged for us for staying the three day minimum. Hopefully they can show us around a little. Any other tidbits of information we need?

Thank you for your help!!

D. S.

From: Villa Sabandari [info@sabandari.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 3:15 PM
To: D. S.
Subject: RE: Sabandari Contact Form

Hello D.,

Thanks for your message.

Words of wisdom? From me? I doubt it… One needs to be wise for that in the first place which I certainly am not 😉

Terrorism: I have not seen or heard of any threat in the past years. The Balinese themselves are Hindu and I haven’t experienced any violent behavior or fundamentalist attitude from any of them. Furthermore Ubud has never been a target. We are in the centre of the island and nothing ever happened here in the past. I think the danger of terrorist attacks or other violent encounters are much higher in the Middle East and North Africa at this moment.

Volcanoes: There has been very little activity in the past 10 years. If there is activity is has been very mild. We are at about 1 hour by car from the nearest volcano. I don’t see what the risk is in this case.

Earthquakes: We have had mild one’s from time to time. Nothing  compared to what happened in Japan or Aceh. No tsunami danger since we are at about 300 meters altitude and about 50 km inland.

I hope this will allow you to re-assure your travel companions.

We are looking forward to your stay at Villa Sabandari.

Best regards,



Van: D. S. [mailto:ds@abaoman.edu.om]
Verzonden: dinsdag 5 april 2011 18:10
Aan: Sabandari
Onderwerp: Sabandari Contact Form

The following message was posted via the Contact Form on the Villa Sabandari website.
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D. S.




We r booked to come in a few weeks time. The other couple and my wife are a little worried about the safety of the island right now. Terrorism-volcanoes- earthquakes??? Any thoughts on this and what can i do to re- assure them not to worry. Any words of wisdom??
D. S.
Muscat Oman

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