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  ... and back

Distance:  approximately 23 km

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Degree of difficulty: Asphalt road and one kilometer of bumpy sand road. Mainly going up until you reach Kampung Café with a few steep climbs. The return trip is much more flat.   

Food & Drink:  A lot warungs.  Lunch in Kampung Café possible starting 11 o' clock.

Sun & Shade: mainly shadow

You receive a map and a road description before your departure.

Cycle down to the T-junction. Go right and cross the roundabout with the big statue at the traffic lights. You are now on Ubud's main road which is called 'Jalan Raya Ubud'. 
Take the 5th street at your right (= Jalan Sri Wedari) right in front of Cafe Moka (see map point 1). 
You will follow this road for approximately five kilometers. 
It is a quiet, turning road with, in the first part, a lot of frangipani trees. 
After about 1 kilometer you are leaving town and are entering the fields. When the weather is clear you can see Gunung Agung (the holy mountain) at the horizon. At the left side of the road you will see an overgrown ravine.  After another kilometer, you arrive in the village of Tegallantang, where you will see an enormous banyan tree at the entrance of the Pura Dalem Temple (see map point 2).

Pura Dalem Temple near Ubud Bali

It is a public temple which means that it can be visited when wearing a sarong. Women having their period are not allowed to enter the temple. Opposite Pura Dalem you will notice a smaller temple, mainly used for ceremonies in relation to death.
Further down the road is Widya's workshop where you could follow a batik lesson.

batik in the Widya workshop near Ubud

When leaving the village, ignore the road to the right and cycle down under the giant bamboo.
You'll now follow a winding road with lots of shadow.  
In the village of Bentuyung, follow the sign 'Matahari Bungalows' to the right (see map point 3). 
After a steep descent it's time to climb again. You arrive at a plateau with the Kelabang Moding soccer field at the end.  The village offers a good choice of small shops (warungs) where you can have a drink. Turn right at the T-junction and cycle down to the washing and laundry spot and then go up the hill. Plenty of rice terraces at your left hand side.

rice fields in the vicinity of Ubud, Bali

You pass Villa Orchid and take left at a V-junction, a little further down the road, at a T-junction, again left (see map point 4). Right in front again a nice view of Gunung Agung.  After going up and down some steep hills, you arrive at another T-junction. This time it is the busy road between Ubud and Tegallalang (see map point 5). Go left. 
Tegallalang is full of small shops and is known for its wood carving. When leaving the village you will see Kampung Café at your right hand side (see point 6 on the map).  It is an ideal spot to have a long break with a nice rice terrace view.
You are now approximately half way the trip. 
After leaving Kampung Café, you return to the center of Tegallalang.  At the crossroads, with Pasar Umum at your right hand side, you turn right (see map point 7) and cycle in the direction of the gsm tower.  
You will most probably notice twined baskets at the side of the road. These hold fighting cocks. Cockfights are still very popular in Bali.



At the crossroads, with the bale banjar at the right, you go left (see point 8 on the map).The bale banjar is and open pavilion where the local citizens meet. You pass a school. At a temple, the asphalt road stops. Take the path to your right (see map point 9).  Follow this bumpy road for about one kilometer.  You pass a washing area (left) and a hotel under construction (right). You are now cycling in the middle of the rice paddies. 
After crossing a little bridge, you arrive at a T-junction and take right (see map point 10). You cycled this part of the road from the opposite direction earlier. Ignore the road to the right (see map point 4). 
At your left hand side you pass a warung with an inviting terrace. Also ignore the road at the lift, going to Petulu (see map point 11).  At the corner: Warung ‘D’ another possibility to take a little break.
For the remaining five kilometers, you'll continue on this slightly sloping road. Until a few years ago this was just a small country road in the rice fields. Nowadays it is still a quiet road but a lot of people have had the idea to build a villa or a hotel in Ubud and the surrounding villages. This has been going on for some years now and it has changed the panorama quite considerably.    
At your left hand side is Ubud Botanic Garden (50.000 Rp.) (see map point 12).  A lush tropical garden with a maze as a pleasant surprise.
After leaving the garden you continue for another 2 kilometers until you reach Ubud's main street again. Turn to the left. Cross the roundabout with the big statue and take Jalan Gunung Sari, next to the green (clothes) shop. After 100 meters you will recognize the small road to Villa Sabandari at your left.               
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