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Ubud Luxury Hotels

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Because Villa Sabandari has only 6 rooms, we don't have a buffet or à la carte breakfast. We serve a copious, daily changing breakfast.

Breakfast will be served at the time and place of your choice.
Please inform the staff in the evening at what time you want your breakfast, whether you prefer coffee or tea and whether you like to have your breakfast in the open living pavilion or on your private terrace/balcony.

Snacks can be ordered from 12:00 to 16:00.

A complimentary Afternoon Tea is served between 16:00 and 17:00.

We'll also be glad to share our knowledge about the best dinner spots in Ubud.

Villa Sabandari, your quiet Bali Accommodation

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Address : Jalan Pura Gunung Sari 4 Peliatan, Ubud - Bali - Indonesia     Email : info@sabandari.com
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