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Walking from Villa Sabandari to Petulu

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A walk north of Ubud.

Distance:  approximately 6 km

Duration: approximately 2,5 hours

Difficulty: The paths between the rice fields are difficult due to the uneven and slippery terrain.
Sturdy closed shoes required.  

Catering:  Small stores with soft drinks and local snacks.  

Sun and Shade: Alternating sun and shade.

You get a map of the route before departure.

Walk counterclockwise around the Villa Sabandari domain (see map section 1) and cross the rice field to the small forest temple with a statue of an elephant at the gate.
In front of the temple, turn left on the narrow path that runs along the irrigation canal. You continue walking in this this direction for approximately one kilometer, with the rice fields on your left and palm trees on your right. The path is a succession of narrow ditches and can be quite slippery after the rain. Now and then you bridge a substantial height. The rice farmers run smoothly on the path but, unfortunately, not everyone has that natural elegance. Rather go slowly and carefully if you want to get back home with dry feet.
The appearance of a rice field is related to the phase of the harvest. Light green after planting of young cuttings, darkening as the plants mature. After harvesting the fields are muddy. Ducks run, chatting over the dikes and in the fields, looking for remaining rice. The last days before planting, the fields are flooded and change into gigantic mirrors, reflecting the crowns of the coconut trees.

rice fields

The elevated paths between the fields are always well maintained and passable since they are the access ways for the farmers.  

At the edge of each rice field stands a little temple pillar, honoring the rice goddess Dewi Sri. At different stages of the rice cycle, ritual offerings are brought to these little shrines to propitiate her. 

rice field temple

After approximately one kilometer, you cross the fields and walk in the direction of two houses. You go under a wooden terrace of the second house on a concrete wall that is the bank of an irrigation canal. A little bit further, this wall narrows and you must crawl over a drainage pipe. Turn right and immediately left again. In other words: keep going in the same direction.

A few pigsties to the left. A temple to the right. The surface of the fields is much smaller, they are more like vegetable gardens. At the temple, take left onto a concrete path over a small bridge. The path widens and winds over a deep narrow gorge. At a small temple on the left hand side, you end up on a wider, paved road with houses. Go left on the T-junction (see map point 2).

A little further down the road you will pass a warung (cafe/shop) where you can buy drinks and snacks. Follow the paved road (asphalt) about 200 meters to the temple. At the crossroads with a Ganesha statue you go to the right.  

near Petulu

Just past a curve to the left is the Kamandalu Resort & Spa and next to it the Viceroy Hotel.

The asphalt road turns into a dirt path between rice fields (see map point 3). On a clear day you can see a mountain range in the distance, at your left. After one kilometer you will end up on an asphalt road with a few houses and a laundry area (see map point 4).

Continue following this road that makes a sharp turn to the left at a warung.

After 100 meter you take a side road to the right at a statue and a temple (see map point 5).
Walk counterclockwise around an open pavilion and the temple grounds. You'll pass a shop and a private house.
Follow the path that turns left, around the corner and along a wall. At a warung on the corner of the street (see map point 6), turn left onto a busier road and then right (direction = Tegallalang). Follow this busier road for 1.2 km. You can admire (or buy ;-) a huge variety of handicrafts in the small shops.
After 700 meters you will pass a school on your left. A little further to the right you see Andre Art shop. Just before the building with the sign "Kantor Kelian Banjar Dinas Sapat" on the left, you take a narrow path (see map point 7). Do not trip on the construction rubble and other waste. 
After a sharp left turn, the path descends to a bridge over a deep ravine. Across the bridge, the path rises steeply to the left until you reach the edge of a rice field. Keep following the path between the rice fields and the gorge. If you look back you will see the sacred mountain Agung, rising above the rice fields.
The trail turns sharply right at a shelter for rice farmers. A little further you get to an asphalt road, after a jump over an irrigation canal. A fish-tank on the other side. Follow the road to the left and you arrive in the village of Petulu.

white herons

From about 5 o' clock in the afternoon, the white herons (Kokokan) of Bali gather here to spend the night in the trees. The legend says that these birds are the reincarnation of the thousands of (so called) Communists who were killed in 1965.

Call 0361 976586 and you will be picked up and returned to Villa Sabandari


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