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Guesthouse in the rice fields

A small guesthouse in the rice fields, just outside of Ubud, Bali. Night time pictures of Villa Sabandari,  taken during the building project that turned a private villa into a small, 6 room boutique hotel.
This intimate boutique hotel has been designed by Joost van Grieken, the famous Dutch architect and long time Bali resident. Joost is well known for his delicate combinations of western style elements and Balinese architecture. We have chosen to use local materials whenever possible. White wonosari stone from East Java, bankyrai wooden floors, wooden shingles and alang-alang grass for the roofs, red Lombok stone for decorative walls.
The bath tub in the Spa has been carved out of a massive rock.

Thanks to our different cultural backgrounds, we have grown to attach more than one meaning to the notion ‘Quality’. That is why we want to offer our guests the best of both cultures, precisely because we have learned to appreciate and nourish that concept.

Bali is nice, no, it is paradise. Sun, spectacular nature, friendly people, delicious food, culture, sea and beach, authenticity. It is a long list. The ideal holiday destination. And for boutique hotels Ubud is like a natural habitat.

But don’t you, after a week or so abroad, start craving for things that are self evident at home? A good night sleep in a cool room, French fries, talking with the kids on Skype, a good glass of wine, served at the correct temperature, check your mail, a good malt whisky, a Western pedicure,…

That’s what we experienced.

That is how Villa Sabandari was born.

Villa Sabandari, guesthouse in the rice fields near Ubud, Bali


guesthouse in the rice fields


guesthouse in the rice fields


guesthouse in the rice fields


guesthouse in the rice fields


Designer guesthouse in the rice fields near Ubud, Bali.
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