During your Bali holiday ‘sustainability‘ will probably not be the first thing on your mind and neither will be questions such as ”What is the effect of a specific action on the environment?” You will however notice that Bali and the Balinese need to considerably increase their environmental awareness.

In the past it was perfectly O.K to throw away the packaging of the nasi bungkus bought in a warung. After all it was just a banana leaf that would be turned to compost by nature itself in no time.

Today, with everything packed in plastic, the reflex to just throw everything on the ground remains.

A number of Bali hotels try to run a ‘green’ operation. All those that offer Bali accommodation, be it a 5 star Bali resort or a guesthouse, should be aware of their responsibility.

What do we do concretely?

Through our cooperation with ecoBali Recycling the paper and the plastic waste is collected separately.

Almost all kitchen waste and food leftovers are taken home every day by our collaborators. They use the leftovers to feed the pigs.

We are able to restrict the use of chlorine in the pool to a minimum, thanks to the installation of a copper/silver ionizer. No more red eyes or itching skin. By regularly adding Sodium Bicarbonate to the water, we have slowly increased the total alkalinity of the pool to 100 ppm, thus increasing the buffering capacity of the water. It is hardly ever necessary to add HCl to reduce the pH. Not only does this reduce the operational cost of the pool maintenance, we also get clean and crystal clear water in a natural way.

The water in our 2 storey guest building is heated using only solar panels.

We are presently looking into a way to run the genset on bio diesel. During the (frequent) power failures, the genset will be used to continue to operate some key functions: a fan for example but not the air conditioning or the pool pump because the latter use too much electricity.