Privacy & GDPR


Privacy has always been a very important issue for Villa Sabandari. We only keep a very limited number of data from our (potential) customers.



We keep a minimum of data from our (potential) customers, aiming on one side to build up a customer database and on the other side (and mainly) to follow up very specific information requests and bookings.

We save all data sent through the contact form on our website: name, mail address and the content of the message.

The reservations are processed independently by SiteMinder, which has committed itself to perfectly comply with the rules on privacy and GDPR. More info can be found through this link.



These data are kept on a secure web server, in a mySQL database and IMAP mailbox, which are not accessible to the general public.

We never share customer information, the stored data are intended for internal use only.



The personal data processed for customer management will be retained for the period necessary to comply with legal requirements (including for our accountancy).



If you wish to view the information we hold about you, you will receive a screendump of your data by email on simple request. If desired, you can correct them if they are incorrect or incomplete, have them removed, have their processing reduced, or disagree with the processing of the concerned data.



Villa Sabandari uses technical and functional cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit the website. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical operation of the website, the optimization of our website and your ease of use. They ensure that the website works properly and remember, for example, your preferences. You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser so that it does not store cookies anymore. In addition, you can also delete all information previously saved via the settings of your browser. The analytical cookies of Villa Sabandari do not infringe your privacy.

This website uses Google Analytics cookies, and Villa Sabandari has entered into a processor agreement with Google for this purpose. To ensure the anonymity of your user data, Villa Sabandari has masked the last octet of the IP address, disabled the ‘share data’ option, and did not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.



Do you have any questions ? Is something unclear? You can always reach us via +62 (0)361 976586 or +62 (0)812 36709406 or by e-mail
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