Bali’s evening atmosphere has something strangely mysterious. The evening skies can be wonderfully colourful.

The best locations for sunset watching in Bali include the collection of main beaches along the western coastline. Some of these spots feature several temple landmarks that add an exotic silhouette to the dramatic postcard pictures that will stay in your lasting memory. Some beaches offer unobstructed sea and sky panoramas with fiery streaks of cloud layers, while others have the lone golden disc behind tiered shrines. Such sights are simply not to be missed in Bali.

While you can easily head down to any spot on the island’s west coast, Ari Gunadi, Bali-Indonesia.Com Writer And Photographer, described the 10 best places for sunsets in Bali, where you can witness such picture-perfect moments. Besides moments of skies turning vivid crimson together with the sinking of the majestic fireball, you will also enjoy some of the most dramatic scenes during the so-called ‘blue hour’ – right after the sun sinks over the horizon, as the sky turns purple and cobalt blue, then a star-studded black.


View of the Masceti Temple, Villa Sabandari’s next door neighbour at sunset.

Bali's Evening Atmosphere